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Offering rapid but precise spectral response measurements of LF/MF/HF receivers, spectrum analyzers and complex networks, the Sprctrum Generator can eliminate elaborate test equipment set-up and tuning both in the laboratory and in production.

The output consists of a line spectrum with lines spaced at a precise
50 or 100 kHz intervals. All lines are of the same amplitude (+/-2dB)
up to 30 MHz (usable to over 50 MHz) and selectable in level at
1/10/100/1000 microvolts (50 ohm). By using external drive, line spacing Δf, can be varied from 5 to 500 kHz.

Combining the frequency precision of a harmonic crystal calibrator with the amplitude accuracy of a signal
generator, the Spectrum Generator permits making S/N, frequency calibration, and relative gain measurements of receivers (and spectrum analyzers) swiftly and simultaneously. The frequency response of filter networks can be measured as easily as with swept frequency techniques but without introducing their transient response. Using all silicon transistors in completely digital circuitry, the BSSG-1 is packaged in a double-shielded enclosure to control RF leakage.



Output Amplitude: 1000/100/10/1μV for any spectral line into 50 ohms resistive +/- 2dB to 30MHz.
(Usable to over 50MHz)
Spectral Line Spacing: 100/50kHz from internal 100kHz crystal controlled source. (5 to 500kHz from external source)
External Drive: 100 kHz nominal input, 1 to 20 V peak-to-peak at 500 ohms. Usable from 5 to 500 kHz with output amplitude uncalibrated but closely approaching + 6 dB/octave above 100 kHz. The output spectral envelope remains flat +/- 2 dB to 30 Mhz independent of drive frequency.

Internal Oscillator: 100 kHz crystal. Adjustable to primary standard with panel trim control.
Stability +/-10 ppm 20C to 30C; +/- 25 ppm 15C to 50C; maximum shift from 15C to 0C -125 ppm.
Leakage: at least 10 dB below 1 microvolt.

PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: 31/2"H x 17"L x 7"D; Weight 9 lbs. Standard adapters for 19" rack-mount are supplied.


PRICE:               1 - 9              $600
                           10 - over        $570
TERMS:              1% 10 days Net 30
..............................FOB Millington, N.J.

DELIVERY:         10-30 days after receipt of order
WARRANTY:      180 days
ORDER POINT:  Squires-Sanders, Inc., Millington, N.J. or Authorized Factory Representative



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